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Songwriting tips

Songwriting tips By Jae London

Ever been at a loss of words when writing a song?

Well, i’ve got a few tips to get you out of brain lock. First, you know that writing from exprience is one of the best ways to write a song, but when you get stuck dont give up, just think about the people around you.

Other peoples lives are also very interesting…sometimes they can help you write because of what they are going through. Take a listen to some of your cd’s, these songwriters have also been in the same position as you.

You can also write little stories about what you would like to do or experience. How about putting yourself into a situation (in your song) that could never be possible in real life…because after all, songs are short stories right?

Writing songs

Writing songs By Jae London

Writing songs starts from the top levels of the music industry where the Ceo’s, Presidents and other execs who make the decisions that can change your life dramatically…because it all starts with a song. From the position where the agents, managers, promotors, producers and musicians do their jobs…it all starts with a song. From the radio playlists, disc jockeys, music videos, concert goers to the music awards ceremonies…it all starts with a song.

From the birth of a song idea, to the recording and distribution of that song, is a road well traveled by many songwriters. Years ago, it was very difficult to get maximum exposure for your precious creations independently, but nowadays it’s far much easier to acheive a successful and full time business writing songs.

writing songs…

It is and always been best practice to sharpen your skills of writing songs everyday. If you are just beginning to write songs, it may take a while to develop a style of your own, but when you do, it will be magic…like a great artist with his brush..pure magic. Keep pushing, keep developing, because in this crazy business of hustlers, movers and shakers, a song is just a song, but a great song will change life forever…but only if it’s heard…so write on and Keep writing songs.