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Don’t forget the Dj

Don’t forget about the DJ!!!!!

 By Jae London

Many of us unsigned and independent artists who are trying to get our music exposure, promotion and sold often forget about one particular and crucial member of this inner circle – THE DJ!!


Much props to all dj’s, they are one very very important part of our picture – because without the dj’s we would’nt get any spins in the clubs or on the radio.  Dj’s love spinning and breaking in hot new songs just as much as we love creating them.  How else do you think a song becomes a hit?  It’s through thousands of radio station dj’s playing the same song throughout the day and night.


With the introduction of internet radio stations, it gives producers, musicians, bands and artists the ability to gain a massive worldwide audience within a short space of time..The Dj’s of internet radio stations gladly accept new music to add to their playlists.  Club dj’s are the one’s to get your music to, if they like it they will spin your track at the club on a hot night to see the response they get from the dancefloor..if the response is good, you have a great chance of the track/song being passed on to their dj friends and soon after that, you just may hear it on the radio.


By whatever means, it is always beneficial to get your music to the dj’s…..get it to them, the more the merrier.  Major labels have been doing it for decades, getting airplay through a pay for play type of system, so to speak…some have another name for it…  that’s a hush hush word that’s seldom used in the circle of the major labels.

Rumour has it that some majors pay….i’m sorry….WERE paying radio stations  Huge Sums per song for spins to break a hit song.  This type of money is nothing compared to the amount that is made back from the sales and performances of that one song.  Once a song is on the playlists it played a number of times throughout the day and night.