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Music business contracts

Contracts and agreements

By Jae London

With 59 Music business contracts you will no longer have the problem of not getting paid for your talents.  This book contains the right contracts and agreements for several areas of the music industry, everything is written out in plain english and black and white.

We have all heard of the horror stories of bands and recording artists being signed to a contract that pays them an absolute minimum or next to nothing at all.  Sometimes an act may get signed and end up getting shelved – stuck in a contract, career on hold and there’s nothing they can do about it but wait until the contract date is over.

It is always best to have an experienced entity or an attorney to look over your music business contract.  At times these contracts “lock you in” for years to come..but do remember, all contracts are all negotiable – nothing is written stone, if you don’t agree with something – question it!  bring it up in correspondence and negotiate a better term.  Chances are your terms and clauses can and will be negotiated pending you understand the jargon or you have legal representation.

You can avoid being taken for a ride by knowing the ins and outs of contract negotiation.

Want to find out what kind of contracts are included?

Networking works

In the Music business we all know the saying; “it’s not what you know, but who you know” well don’t forget – it’s also who knows you! Networking is a key tool in marketing yourself or your act. It is so easy to do that it’s actually fun. When you network, you meet so many interesting people who may be in a position to really help you.

Whenever a music seminar, convention or conference is in town, make it a point to get there, you never know who you might meet up with…you just never know. Some of us might say “i don’t have the money to attend”, well all you need is CD and your willingness to get ahead….Hang out in the lobby, at the bar, at the piano…get creative, get noticed and get heard.

In this crazy business – if you don’t have a passion for being in it …you DON’T belong in it!


Produce commercial quality music fast

Imagine bangin out phat tracks one after the other all day long…that would mean you could be working with a good number of artists and even freelancing as a producer for record labels….the opportunities will become endless when you step into a whole new arena of sound quality and ability to crank em out with ease.

I’ve been using this HOT NEW 2.0 studio production software program to create my beats , and let me tell you…my tracks have gone from “really good” to straight up “PHAT” with a HOT commercial quality sound.  If you want to step up your productions without having to fork out hundreds or even thousands in cash, then you’d better jump on this one NOW before too many cats get a hold of it and start doing the same.

Stop making mediocre recordings and Start making commercial quality productions NOW!
Here’s your chance…find out for yourself!!