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Mp3 Mega promotion Secret

Mp3 mega promotion trick – Little known secrets for Mp3 MEGA Promotion

Tagging your mp3 files for mega exposure for your music takes only 2-3minutes and EASY


convert your audio/wave to an mp3 file – you can download most programs for free


Once you have an mp3 file which may have the basic id3tag i.e. track name/artist name

1. right click on the file – go to properties; go to Summary;

2. type in all the relevant details of your song, i.e. title. – in comments type in your copyright details / website / email

3. click advanced; click to the right of: Artist / Album title / Year etc., and fill in the relevant details.

*Note: a little tip & trick – next to album title: type in your website or email address (add the Album title if you want) ~ this will show up on windows media player wherever it is played in the world.

So now your song / artist /contact info scrolls each time your song plays.

4. if you need to make any changes, repeat the steps above.

5. IMPORTANT: before promoting your new mp3 file, click READ ONLY and Apply!!

by doing this, it locks the file… It cannot be edited by anyone even you, unless you start with a fresh new mp3 file.


Check out the video tutorial below