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59 music business contracts

Music biz contracts & agreements


59 Music  business contracts and agreements for amateurs and professionals alike.  Protect yourself from being taken for a ride just because you didnt know better…these contracts and agreements will help you learn more about the business side of things when it comes to the industry.  There are literally 59 reasons to own 59 music business contracts and agreements.

Each contract is in it’s own right a reason to help save your A** from misfortune when it comes to the more experienced music industry shark, whose out just to get the best of young and inexperienced talented individuals.  If you are a recording artist..there’s a contract for it.  If you are a session singer/musician..there’s a contract for it.  If you are working with a publisher..there’s a contract for it.  If you are working with a promoter..there’s a contract for it. If you are working with a club owner..there’s a contract for it…plus many many more..Don’t fall victim to something that you can easily avoid..

Contracts included:

distribution agreement
exclusive songwriters contract
film synchronization contract
general partnership contract
international marketing contract
letter of agreement
master producer assistant contract
master recording license
master track license
master use recording contract and so much more!!

Now you can take FULL CONTROL of your music career from this moment on!