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The Jae London Solo Project

The Jae London Solo Project is an original 6 song EP That lovers of R&B, Hip Hop and reggae will embrace.   He’s a producer/songwriter/vocalist with a multi genre purpose.

With r&b/soul tracks like “That’s the way love goes” and “What goes around comes around” it’s hard to believe that Jae London can turn the page and bring you reggae vibes like “Luv you tender, luv you right” and “Holding you”.


When it comes to Hip Hop, “It wasn’t meant 2b” and “Qwestions” are definitely songs with catchy melodies and hooks that make you wanna say..Damn!! How does he do that?

The Jae London Solo Project is a fresh 6 song EP that covers Hip Hop, Reggae and Soul music that is sure to leave you wanting to play it over and over. Jae London does it well and like no one else can. From smooth ballads, thought provoking hip hop to the cool sounds of reggae. When you’ve heard the Cd for yourself you’ll become a true fan of this incredible talent.

Currently working on a reggae album Jae is sure to surprise you with more great music. Look out for the single “Help us father” …..a reggae track that will show a more sensitive side of the artist Jae London.

Here’s a preview of  “Holding You”, a Smooth original lovers rock track from the 6 song ep:


Click on the video below


The Jae London Solo Project is also available at the following online stores:



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