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Networking works

In the Music business we all know the saying; “it’s not what you know, but who you know” well don’t forget – it’s also who knows you! Networking is a key tool in marketing yourself or your act. It is so easy to do that it’s actually fun. When you network, you meet so many interesting people who may be in a position to really help you.

Whenever a music seminar, convention or conference is in town, make it a point to get there, you never know who you might meet up with…you just never know. Some of us might say “i don’t have the money to attend”, well all you need is CD and your willingness to get ahead….Hang out in the lobby, at the bar, at the piano…get creative, get noticed and get heard.

In this crazy business – if you don’t have a passion for being in it …you DON’T belong in it!


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