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10 ways to make money in music

How to make money in music.   By Jae London


1. Music Producer – If you are very talented at putting together all of the different elements of a recording, you could make money in music by becoming “in demand” for your services.  Do you have a studio or access to one? a good ear? and the know how to bring out the best in an artist or group?  Then producing for local artists & bands is what you could be doing right now, and as the word starts to spread about you and what you do, you never know, a major label act may be ringing your phone for you to produce them –  which will be a nice little sum to add up!!

2. Songwriter – You are the true heroes of this crazy industry, because when it’s all said and done….. “It all starts with a song”.  If you have mastered the art of writing commercially viable songs then you should be contacting publishers to exploit these songs for you.  A publisher can get your song(s) to the people and places that can make the difference between being in a book, a folder, a briefcase – and being played on major radio stations films and commercials…. Thus getting you paid!!!  Very little people actually know that songwriting and publishing are the most lucrative paying jobs in the music industry.  Why not get your share of the millions that await you?  If It’s easy, fun and high paying, Then Go For It!!!  This is one of the best ways to make money in music.

3. Publisher – If you are the administration type who loves making contacts with people, then this jobis for you.  Publishers do the in between work – from the songwriter to the source who will be using the song to generate the income, and they also collect the money owed from the usage of the song(s).  This is yet another one of the most lucrative ways to make money in music.

4. Disc Jockey – This job is one of the most easiest and fun jobs there is, after all “EVERYBODY” loves a party right?  If you have a large music collection, a double cd deck, a laptop, an amp, some speakers, you are an instant Dj.   Now in order to make money in music doing this, you have to do the groundwork of free gigs to get your name going.  Once this is established, the paying gigs will start rolling in sooner than you think.  There’s weddings, clubs, corporate events, birthdays, holidays and the list goes on, so grab your music collection, your equipment and start getting those bookings…you could be traveling the country or even the world.

5. Choreographer – This most definitely is a specialty job.  If you’ve got the dance moves that always has heads turning, then maybe  being a choreographer is in the stars for you.  Most artists and bands neeed someone like you to help perfect their performances on stage and in videos.  All you would really need is a short “showreel” (video) of some of your moves and routines that can be presented to these artists and bands. Once you are IN you are IN, and you will no doubt make money in  music!!!

More ways to make money in music

6. Backdrop/banner maker – This job is for the artistic type.  If you didn’t already know it, ALL artists and bands need exposure and more exposure!  If you can create someones visual idea and put it unto a LARGE piece of canvas then you may be what they’ve been looking for.  Imagine going to a big concert where many bands are playing and you see your Banner creations up on stage behind the band…….Oh what a feeillng!  Get a few samples together, present them to local aritsts/bands and you are on your way to being known for what you do best…another fantastic way to make money in music.

7. Photographer – Everyone loves a photo, so why not be at the other end of the camera getting paid for taking the shots?  This is another fairly easy job to undertake, given the introduction of the digital camera. You could be the photographer for a local artist/band, at their gigs, on the road, in the studio.  Remember, not all shots are to be posed – most great shots are spontaneous.  So, first you may have to offer your services for free in order to get the jobs, then soon you’ll be shooting the stars!!  This is most definitely an easy way to make money in music.

8. Promoter – Whether it’s a band/artist or event, they all need promoting.  If you get a rush out of making big things happen, then this job is for you.  Putting on shows of artists/bands can be very rewarding for you and those involved – you get them on stage to do their thing, and you get paid for doing just that.  Imagine having a few acts on stage a few nights a week and on weekends….very rewarding!  First you need to find an act, then a venue, match up the two and you easily to make money in music.

9. Session Singer/Musician – This job can get you very busy within a short space of time.  If your chops are up to par then you will constanly be getting calls to feature on someones recording project and/or perfomances.   Before you know it, Major label acts will hear about you and will want to hire you, and you never know, your days of being a session singer/musician just may turn into you being the main act.  A good way to get into this is to do a few free sessions, then start chaging a small fee. This is the same route that alot of major recording acts have started from…soon after, they are on the top.  With your love of singing and playing instruments this is another great way to make money in music.

10. Publicist – Are you the public relations (PR) type?  if so, then this job is for you.  As we know artists/bands both need exposure, and they will most definitely pay to get it.  Getting the word out about artists/bands cd releases performances, appreances etc. is the job of the publicist, they contact all relevent press, newspapers and magazines, radio etc, regarding these dates and times so that the public gets to know about it in advance.  You will need a few contacts in magazines and so forth., and once you that is achieved you can approach artists/bands and offer your services for a fee…another fantastic way to make money in music.

As a safe precaution, it is always good practice to have a contract or agreement in place before working with anyone in the industry.  This should lay out exactly how things are to be and what is expected of both sides.

You now have 10 ways to make money in music

If you find any one or more of these 10 ways to make money in music very easy to do, get yourself in grear and start promoting yourself as an expert…because you most likely are already or will be very soon.  After you have established yourself, you will no longer have to promote yourself because the word will spread about how great you are at what you do and the right clients will be finding you, instead of the other way around.  With your special talents, great personality, and people skills… you will very soon make money in music.